Just A Broken Old Man is a site dedicated to the one true souvenir I ever purchased on my many trips to Walt Disney World. Having just read The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, but long before any of the Harry Potter craze, there was a shop at the entrance under Cinderella’s Castle (The King’s Gallery I think it was called) with swords and other neat things, that is if you’re into those things, not being allowed to purchase a sword or the full scale knight’s armor display, I purchased the now broken old man to spend time with me in my office while I figured out how to pay for the next Disney trip before I paid for the last Disney trip.

Time, two invasive kids, and one overly curious 13-inch beagle have taken a toll on him, he no longer has his crystal ball, probably because he no longer has any hands either, and his hat is a little shorter and less pointy than it used to be, but it’s my statue and I refuse to get rid of it, especially since now that he is the inspiration for these posts. Posts which are mostly fiction now, but at some point may also be the voice of some of the things I experience day to day as well.

Unlike this About page, I am committed to posts that are exactly 100 words, no more, no less. I have also decided on my own Prompt feature, writing a post based on a provocative word of the day given to me by a co-worker or family member (least they can do after what they’ve done to the statue over the years) which I use as the title of the post. And who has better words than the Merriam-Webster online dictionary Word of the Day?

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading, and if you would like to supply your own provacative word of the day to be used in a post, I welcome that as well. Thanks